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    Dr. Sharon Lau does dentures in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Dentures are acrylic teeth that replaces missing natural teeth.  Dentures are prosthetic replacements for a few missing teeth, called a partial denture for the partial replacement of teeth; full dentures replaces the loss of all upper teeth or all bottom teeth, called full upper denture and full bottom denture, respectively.   Dentures commonly refer to removable dental prosthetic appliances that is easy to clean and maintain.  Dentures may also be fixed in place.  A fixed partial denture may refer to a fixed bridge that is supported by two or more healthy teeth as anchors or support for the missing tooth.  Full dentures can also be fixed in place by a couple of dental implants, usually four or five dental implants.

    You have a wonderful smile, dentures will help fill in the gaps of missing teeth.  A full set of teeth is important for eating, chewing, and speech.  Dr. Sharon Lau’s goal is to help her patients keep their natural teeth health and beautiful for a life time; and avoid dentures all-together.  Call now, or email now, to see Dr. Sharon Lau for a full dental assessment and possibly for dentures in Thunder Bay.

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