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Cosmetic Dentistry in Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • May 2024
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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dr. Sharon Lau is a general dentist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, providing family dentistry, orthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry at ABA Dental Clinic in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  She has been practicing dentistry in Thunder Bay since 2002 and provides comfortable, personalized, convenient dental care for the whole family; saving her patients from having to visit multiple places to have their full dental treatment completed.  Cosmetic dentistry implies dental treatment purely for cosmetic reasons; this is true for instances where front teeth are too dark but otherwise functional, meaning you can still bite and eat with the tooth without the cosmetic treatment.  The solution for this case may be dental veneers.  For more information, see Dr. Sharon Lau’s list of Dental ServicesOrthodontics.  

    Call now, or email now, to book an appointment with Dr. Sharon Lau in Thunder Bay for a full dental exam and assessment to see if cosmetic dentistry is necessary.

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