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Dental Surgery in Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • May 2024
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    Dr. Sharon Lau’s associate, Dr. James Mao, is a general dentist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, performing dental surgery at ABA Dental Clinic.  Dr. James Mao does gum surgery, surgical dental extractions, and impacted teeth removal.  Dr. Sharon Lau’s dental practice is not an emergency dental clinic but she has treated numerous dental emergencies during regular clinic hours and attended to after-hours emergency calls.  Dr. Sharon Lau usually sees all dental emergencies on the day patients call, provided they call well before the clinic closes, usually by 3:00 pm.; to allow for travel, paperwork, insurance and other financial arrangements, X-rays, diagnosis, treatment planning, and potentially the final treatment, all completed on the same day, relieving her patients of the dental discomfort.  For more information, see Dr. Sharon Lau’s list of Dental ServicesOrthodontics.  

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